What is Liberal Arts and Sciences?

Inspired by the Liberal Arts and Sciences programmes and college structure found in the United States, University Colleges in the Netherlands are perfect if you want to study a multidisciplinary bachelor programme in a community-focused environment.

Key Characteristics

Multi-and interdisciplinary

You choose your own multi-and interdisciplinary curriculum from courses in the Arts, Humanities, Science and Social Sciences

Small class learning environment

You’re part of a tight-knit community of both faculty members and students from many different backgrounds. 

Residential University Campus

You live on a specially designated residential campus offered by the University College.

University Colleges

Part of every large research university in the Netherlands, University Colleges offer small, inclusive campuses where you will live on-site in a tight-knit student community. You study, live and work together with students from different cultural backgrounds and different disciplinary interests. All University Colleges in the Netherlands offer a residential campus and many extracurricular activities. Classes are small and interactive and all courses are in English.

1. Compose your own curriculum

Liberal Arts and Sciences is perfect for those who want to focus on more than just one subject. In this multidisciplinary program, you study a range of subjects in Arts, Humanities, Sciences and Social Sciences.

In this 3 year program, you will take both mandatory core courses as well as choose 1 or more Majors. Together with your academic advisor, you will compose your own unique curriculum with a choice of specialisations in areas of:
-Economics and Business
– Life Sciences
– Humanities
– Social and Behavioural Sciences
– Arts
– Law

2. Study, work and live together on campus

A unique element of University Colleges that other faculties in Dutch universities don’t offer is a residential campus. This means you’ll be part of a highly inclusive and tight-knit community of fellow students, but also university staff.

On campus you’ll typically find various committies and societies for extracurricular activities available specifically for Liberal Arts and Sciences students. The University College community is highly diverse, with students coming from various cultural and geographical backgrounds.

Being an active member of the community and a willingness to contribute to society is what characterises a Liberal Arts and Sciences student   

3. Smaller classes, problem-based learning

The Liberal Arts and Sciences program also has a rather unique style in its teaching methods. Class sizes tend to smaller than the average university program, with typically no more than 25 students, while offering a highly interactive approach

This problem-based learning approach uses a variety of techniques with debates, simulations and practical approaches to academics. Due to the rigorous academic standards of the program, a high level of proficiency in Mathematics and English is required.

On the bright side, you do get a lot of personal support from your professors and tutors to ensure you do well.

Find out which University College fits you best

Every Research University in the Netherlands has its own University College. Is Liberal Arts and Sciences something for you? Then fill out your preferences via our questionnaire below and find out which 3 University Colleges best fit your needs!